Wedding Insurance

As you plan every detail of your big day you don’t often think of what would happen if something were to prevent your wedding from happening.  It could be a death in the family, sickness or a weather related issue that could cause your big day to be cancelled or postponed.  You will be making many sizeable, non refundable deposits for all the services that will make your big day happen.  By the time your wedding day comes, the wedding has been completely paid for.  In the midst of an unforeseen circumstance, there is no reason to lose your money too.  Wedding insurance can help protect your financial investment so that you can reschedule the wedding if necessary.


WedSafe® offers two wedding insurance products that can be purchased individually or as a package to help provide security and protect the wedding of your dreams.

  • Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Insurance – protects your financial investment in your wedding; covers cancellation / postponement, lost deposits, and more
  • Wedding Liability Insurance – protects you against financial liability arising from your wedding; required by many venues

The coverage runs from $185 to $550 and is worth the peace of mind that it offers, especially for brides who are planning an outdoor wedding.  You can get a quote right on the website,

Photo Courtesy of Richard Bell Photography