The Language of Flowers

Choosing Flowers for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Flowers set the tone of the wedding by incorporating a theme or color scheme for your reception and ceremony.  It is best to use a professional florist for your arrangements because doing it yourself will take up precious time the day of your wedding, when the arrangements need to be done.  Your florist will arrive at your ceremony and reception location the morning of your wedding to set up your arrangements and to be sure that the flowers are in perfect condition for your special day.  They will also deliver your bouquets to whatever location you are at the morning of your wedding.  Do It yourself arrangements typically don’t have the desired elegant affect that you will want for your wedding day.  You might have the most beautiful venue in the region, but using cheap flower arrangements will actually take away from the beauty of your venue.

You might want to choose your favorite flowers or a particular flower based on cost or color, but if you believe in the language of flowers, then take note of what the most popular flowers mean:

Roses are the most popular flower used in wedding bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and table centerpieces becasue the rose signifies love, joy and beauty. Different colored roses have different meanings; white roses indicating innocence, ivory roses showing fidelity, red roses depicting passion, and dark pink roses expressing the couple’s gratitude for having met one another.

rose bouquet 2 rose bouquet

Calla Lilies are currently very fashionable wedding flowers signifying magnificent beauty. Calla lilies add elegance and sophistication to your wedding and can be used on their own to create a simply tied, striking bouquet or in a dramatic centerpiece.

cala lily cala lily 2



Stephanotis is a traditional bridal flower, shaped like a little white trumpet. Stephanotis is a symbol of marital happiness and usually finds their way into every bridal bouquet. They are a very sweet and delicate flower that also makes an elegant bouquet on its own.

stephanotis 2 stephanotis

If you are having a Fall wedding, Chrysanthemums can be combined easily with other flowers as they have no scent and are perfect for bridal bouquets. There is quite a variety of species of mums that can be used to create a stunning bouquet no matter what your color scheme. The name literally means golden flower, but the chrysanthemum signifies wealth, abundance and truth, which are welcome in any marriage.

mum bouquet mum bouquet 2

Orchids are a fashionable and elegant choice for weddings because of their striking appearance and fabulous scent.  They come in a variety of colors and species and are truly breathtaking in any arrangement. They can be a bit pricey, especially in the off season. However, they are also a good choice because of their meaning, which is love and beauty.

orchid bouquet 2 orchid bouquetorchids 3

Tulips are best suited to a spring wedding, and come in a huge variety of colors.   They symbolize undying love and passion, which makes them a perfect wedding flower but they are very fragile and may get easily damaged as part of a bouquet. It is best to use them in a centerpiece.


tulips 3 tulips 4 tulips

Carnations are the best flower if you are on a budget. They come in a wide variety of colors that will match just about any wedding color scheme. Their delicate lacey appearance makes them appear very delicate but you will find them to be one of the hardiest flowers in an arrangement. They can be combined with other flowers as fill to make any bouquet larger and offers a beautiful fragrance without raising the cost very much. Carnations are the oldest flowers to bloom. It is believed that the first carnation to bloom came from Mary’s tears as she wept for Jesus. Each Color has its own meaning, but in general, they are a symbol of deep love.

carnation 2 carnations carnations1

No matter what you decide, be sure that your flowers fit the theme and style of your wedding day.

You can view and print our flower planner on our home page to guide you through exactly what flowers are needed for your entire wedding.

Flowers have different meanings and you may use these to determine what type of flowers you would like.

  • Apple Blossom – Better things to come                                     asters floral bouquet
  • Aster – Love and Daintiness
  • Carnation – Pure Deep Love
  • Clematis – Love Vine
  • Freesia – Trust
  • Iris – Wisdom and Hope
  • Ivy – Marriage
  • Jasmine – Amiability
  • Lily – Purity
  • Poppy – Imagination
  • Rose – Love
  • Red Rose – Passionate Love
  • White Rose – Innocence and Pure Love
  • Red and White Rose – Unity
  • Tulip – Perfect Lover
  • Red Tulip – Declaration of Love
  • Yellow Tulip – Hopeless Love

If you believe in the language of flowers then perhaps you should avoid the larkspur, meaning infidelity and lavender, signifying distrust. . You might also rule out foxglove and yellow lilies, which mean insincerity and falsehood respectively. A Christmas rose suggests scandal, and a marigold depicts grief, so these are also perhaps best avoided.

If you are having a yellow theme avoid a yellow carnation which show disdain, yellow chrysanthemums signify slighted love, and yellow roses mean jealousy.