Destination wedding welcome bags for your guests

Diana Heide & John Fredericks

Since your guests will be arriving at different times, you won’t be able to greet them all  personally so greet then with a, a welcome bag (or basket) in their guest room.  Since they are on vacation as well, give them a nice tote bag that they can use during their entire trip.

Choose a family member or someone in the bridal party that your guests can contact if they need something. Include both their cell phone numbers (be sure they have one that works abroad) and the landline number of their hotel rooms.

You should include a Welcome letter in wedding welcome bag to welcome them and thank them for making the trip.

Include a Detailed itinerary of the weekend’s events, time schedules, locations, dress code and any other details they might need for each event. Be sure to include the cost of the activity if there is one so that guests won’t be caught off guard.

A map of the area would be very helpful so that guests are not missing events because they are lost. The Hotel can help you with a reliable one. Also include info on local transportation and how to get around such as bus schedules and phone numbers for local taxi companies. You can also include a list of local restaurants and attractions for any free time they might have if they are arriving early or staying longer for a mini vacation.

A nice touch is to include a taste of locally made food and drink. Try to include both savory and sweet things to satisfy different cravings. You might include plantain chips in Puerto Rico, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica, macadamia nuts in Hawaii, Key lime cookies in Key West, or bagels in New York. Greet your guests with a special drink that the region is known for.

You might want to anticipate the needs of yours guests while they are enjoying your wedding like sunscreen, a visor, beach towel or anything that goes with the spot you picked for your destination.

No matter what you decide to put in the welcome bag, make sure that it makes your guests feel appreciated for making the trip to celebrate your special day with you.