Two real weddings at Holly Hedge Estate, New Hope, PA

You can’t find a better team for your special day than the Holly Hedge Estate in new Hope and Cindy DeSau Photography.  Her photos evoke the emotion of the day at one of the prettiest venues in our region.  Here are two wedding stories that she shared with us at Holly Hedge Estate.

Veronica and Guido were both part of an ultimate Frisbee team and met each other at a Frisbee tournament in Wildwood.  Although they had an instant connection, her return to school in Miami kept them from starting a relationship. The following Summer they started a relationship and had a great Summer, but this time her schooling took her to Providence, Rhode Island.  Guido visited her as often as possible and they fell in love there.  After graduation they finally moved in together.  One year later on Guido’s birthday he asked her to go back to Providence to spend his birthday where they fell in love, and it was there that he proposed.  Here are photos from their beautiful wedding at Holly Hedge, the culmination of their beautiful love story.

Kelly and Eric are both in the National Guard, so their wedding reflected a patriotic theme.  Eric proposed to Kelly at the Pt. Pleasant Aquarium.  When the staff heard about his plans, they offered him their mascot’s costume.  He proposed to Kelly in a penguin costume, something they will both never forget.